Upcoming! Zoom Tarot Workshop with Lauren! May 23 to June 13, 2021!

Upcoming! Zoom Tarot Workshop with Lauren! May 23 to June 13, 2021!

10 Spots Available! 

I will be hosting a relaxed, fun, and informative 4-session exploration of tarot & its incredible facets! The sessions will run every Sunday evening between 5pm PDT to 6:30pm PDT, from May 23 to June 13, 2021 via a group Zoom call. This workshop is perfect for those with limited or no experience, and those with moderate experience that want to revisit some areas and deepen their skill sets. The format will be about 30% lecture and 70% open group discussion and experiential learning. This is a judgment-free zone, which is critical for facilitating open & healthy exploration of intuition - for both you & others.

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Different topics will be covered in each session, ranging from:
  • Major Arcana (archetypes, numbers, energies)
  • Minor Arcana (elements, numbers, energies)
  • Court Cards (elements, energies, personalities)
  • Various uses & predictive methods (time, amount, who, finding lost objects)
  • Types of readings (general, love, career/finance, health)
  • Different kinds of spreads & designing your own spreads
  • Methods for connecting intuitively
  • Grounding and cleansing your energy, space & tools before, during & after practice
  • How to read for others
  • Incorporating crystals & a pendulum
  • Optional participation in paired/group practice readings

You will also receive two 1-hour one-on-one practice & coaching sessions with Lauren that you can use anytime during or after the workshop! If you elect the pay as you go option, you will earn one 1-hour one-on-one practice & coaching session for every two workshop sessions you attend.

*Having a deck is strongly recommended. If you're brand new to tarot, I suggest starting with the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck (you easily can find it on Amazon) or the Wayhome Tarot Deck, which you can purchase here with all four sessions or separately. I will be using various decks throughout each session to enhance intuitive exploration.

Tarot Workshop with Lauren Details May 23 to June 13

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