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Tarot Major Arcana: 0. The Fool




new beginnings
leap of faith

lack of confidence

Astrological Correspondences

The Fool corresponds with Uranus which is a co-ruler of Aquarius.


Zero aligns with new beginnings, endless possibilities, and infinite potential.


The Fool represents a fresh start where little is known about the path ahead. If we think of embodying the energy of the Fool, looking toward a new opportunity or chapter that has presented that is unfamiliar...what are some of the emotions/thoughts that come up? Fear, excitement, trust (or lack of) are common themes. Picture yourself standing at the edge of a cliff, with a bird's eye view of the landscape before you. You have a general idea of what's to come, but the details are unclear, the extent of the perils and blessings is unknown. There is a naïveté that exists. You are once again in unfamiliar territory, lacking expertise, but are fully capable of figuring things out. In order to step toward the fresh unknown, The Fool must take a leap of faith...made possible by having faith in himself & his ability to navigate challenges with his mind and fortitude, and also by having trust in the flow of The Universe to always provide the subtle energy nudges to his intuition, helping him find his way when pieces of the map become unclear to the logical mind.


The Fool reversed signals a lack of faith in oneself, a lack of trust in the Universe, or both. The naïveté is there, but instead of a carefree, confident approach, excessive fears hold the Fool back from his future...from all the potential pitfalls, but also from all the beautiful blessings, acquired knowledge, expertise, wisdom and growth that are made possible by taking the plunge. When reversed, we are being called to examine an imbalance in the ego (its mission is to protect us). What is the source of the fear and lack of trust? Is there a history of first-hand failure, albeit likely in different contexts, or second-hand stories of failure from others differing in character, disposition, and circumstances. Has the Fool been gaslit into believing he is incapable by himself or others? Is the Fool comparing himself to others, too dependent on external opinions? Does the Fool struggle to believe he is worthy of more than his current station? Is he complacent? Try to see through the Fool's eyes, as reversed, and think about a situation when you struggled to pull the trigger. How did that fear manifest? The more you can empathize with the Fool, the clearer the solutions may become. How did you overcome your fears? Was it really as bad as you initially imagined? How did you get through it? You may find that it usually all boils down to prioritizing self-belief and trust over all else.

What are some of your interpretations?

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