2022 Tucson Gem Show Personal Shopping: January 27-30, 2022

**The reservation list is full for 2022** You may still register below to be waitlisted, and you will be notified by January 15th if a spot opens up!
It's that time of year again loves! The 2022 Tucson Gem Show runs from roughly January 27th through February 13th, 2022. It is a magical event, where miners, wholesalers, collectors, curators, and retailers from across the globe meet up and take over the entire city of Tucson, Arizona to trade some of the most unique, rare & exquisite pieces from all over the world!! It's basically a city-wide crystal candy shop 😍 This event is exciting, dusty, exhausting, and a whole lot of fun & SC will be there again from January 27th-30th to stock up on stunning new hand-selected pieces for the shop...with a special little twist...

This year SC will be offering personal shopping services for 5 clients (more spots may be added depending on volume of requests)! You do not have to be a current client - new clients are welcome & you can sign up now to secure your spot on the list. Please note, you must submit your draft shopping list to lauren@sagecentauress.com no later than 5pm PT on January 14, 2022. If your draft list isn't received by the deadline, your spot may be given to the next person on the waiting list.

What is Available There?
We will literally be able to find almost anything at the show - from gemstones and meteorites to diamonds, fossils, crystal bowls and petrified wood boxes, and SO much more. Think big & then triple that. If you've been looking for hard to find pieces, this is the perfect place to search. If you want 3lbs of green adventurine tumbles for any reason whatsoever - we've got you covered. If you want cabochons to make beautiful jewelry - we'll find them.

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More details are below...

Why Do You Need My List by January 14th?
We'll be finalizing private appointments with various vendors and mapping out our general agenda and shopping route from January 14th until January 24th. Having your list by the 14th allows us to make sure our plan is structured as efficiently as possible & to make sure we plan to visit specific vendors that are most likely to have what you're looking for (we may even call ahead to confirm).

The Showtime Process:
You will need to be close to your phone during the days we're at the show, between the hours of 9am MST to 6pm MST. As we move through the various vendors (there are hundreds!), we will have the full final wish list with us and will try to find the highest quality pieces that best match the various requests as we move through the show. The instant we find pieces you may like, we will either call you on FaceTime or WhatsApp, or will send you pictures and videos over text so you can evaluate & we can discuss pricing. We will try calling and texting twice - if we cannot get in touch within 5 minutes from the first attempt, we will unfortunately have to move on.

Decision Time:
Deals happen fast
there, and to make sure we don't lose out on your pieces, decisions must be made fairly quickly unfortunately (within 5-10 minutes so that we can continue moving, as there is a lot of ground to cover). If you are really on the fence about a piece, we can ask for the item to be placed on a temporary hold with the vendor. Some vendors will allow this, and others will not. Items may only be placed on hold with one vendor at a time in order to preserve time and efficiency. If we cannot place your item on hold and have to put it down to move on, we cannot guaranty it will be there if you'd like us to go back and snag it. Unfortunately, that is the nature of this feeding frenzy!

Retail & bulk pricing will be the only pricing available to clients.

Purchasing Your Pieces:
Once you decide to move forward on your purchase, Sage Centauress will send you a request for payment in Venmo with our agreed upon price pre-tax + the 15% pre-tax private shopping fee. Once SC receives your payment, we will make the purchase on your behalf & that sale will be final - yay! You will then be the proud owner of your new gorgeous pieces!

After Purchase: 
The crystals will be carefully wrapped, securely stored, and brought back to SC's home base in Los Angeles where they will be wiped clean (depending how fragile), saged and combined with the rest of your pieces and weighed so that SC can send you an invoice for sales tax (based on destination) and shipping. Once the final invoice is paid, your new stunning babes will be on their way to you!

Shipping depends on weight and carrier and can range from $5 to $50 (for really heavy stuff) - we will compare the rates from USPS and UPS and give you the best possible option. If you'd like to use a specific carrier, we can do that too & you will have the option to add insurance. SC will be working to get all orders shipped out between 1/31-2/4, 2022. If you select a very large piece that cannot (or should not) be shipped via a regular carrier, we can help you arrange for freight/pallet shipping directly from Tucson, AZ to you.

Fee Recap:
As mentioned earlier, the fee for this awesome, personalized service is 15% of your order (pre-tax), which will be added to the price of your item in Venmo. This fee covers the time we spent preparing to shop for you (emails, confirmations, follow up), as well as our time spent searching (sometimes digging through tons of boxes!) and presenting potential pieces to you. No fees or deposits are charged to register or participate. We only charge our 15% pre-tax fee when you make a purchase.

Quality & Authenticity:
Please note, SC is a STICKLER for quality and we're very intentional about selecting pieces - closely inspecting for any nicks, dings, scratches, and other damages, issues with authenticity (we know our crystals!), and also making sure the pieces just look and feel right in general & that the vendor is reasonable. We will point out everything that stands out to us when we initially discuss our finds with you during the show.

Questions & Changes Leading Up to & During Showtime:
Feel free to email lauren@sagecentauress.com to discuss the process & any questions you may have beforehand. We are happy to go over everything with you! Please note, you are free to change your shopping list and budget up until January 26th, 2022, and of course small tweaks can be made while looking at pieces during the show. We will be in periodic contact up until the show for final confirmations and to discuss any questions as they come up. Our final confirmation email will come out on Monday, January 24, 2022. 

If you are ready to secure your spot, please complete the form below! 
We'll be in touch shortly to confirm your registration & address any questions you've noted on the form. If the list is full, you will be notified that you have been added to the waitlist and you can inquire about your place in line by sending an email to lauren@sagecentauress.com. If you are waitlisted, you will be notified the moment a spot becomes available!!

Looking forward to shopping with you at this extraordinary event!!


Lauren, Founder & Owner of Sage Centauress


 A Few Photos from the 2021 Gem Show!