4” Spell & Ritual Chime Candles

4” Spell & Ritual Chime Candles

Sage Centauress
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Chime candles are often used in spell and ritual work, especially in candle spells and fire magick practices. They can also be used for decor. Each candle is 4” and unscented. They are great for carving sigils and spells. 

100% Paraffin Wax, 100% Cotton Wick; Up to 2 Hours of Burn Time

Typical Correspondences:

Black: Banishment, Protection, Shadow Work

White: Cleansing, Protection, Healing, Change

Pink: Unconditional Love, Friendship, Compassion, Self-Love

Red: Romantic Love, Passion, Sexuality, Desire

Orange: Courage, Determination, Will, Passion, Career Matters

Yellow: Motivation, Action, Creativity, Happiness, Friendship, Illumination, Personal Power

Green: Prosperity, Growth, Abundance, Healing, Fresh Start, Career Matters, 

Blue: Truth, Mental Pursuits, Intellectual Matters, Spirituality, Clarity, Balance, Communication

Purple: Spirituality, Divination, Creativity, Clairvoyance