Sage Centauress

Altar & Ritual Kit


Just enough for several rituals & a great basis to build upon. This kit contains all of the following:

  • Plants & Cats Cotton-Silk 21"x21" Altar Scarf (optional +$60)
  • Eight Glass Jars filled with the following:
    • Dragon's Blood Resin Incense (sensuality, sexuality, power, manifestation)
    • Myrrh Resin Incense (protection, healing, spirituality, cleansing)
    • Frankincense Resin Incense (protection, spirituality, cleansing, intuition)
    • White Copal Resin Incense (protection, cleansing, grounding, raising the vibration)
    • Dried Organic Rose Buds (unconditional love, friendship, romance, healing)
    • Dried Organic Lavender Buds (relaxation, healing, psychic cleansing, protection)
    • Dried Organic Chamomile Buds (friendship, relaxation, happiness, purification, luck)
    • Dried Organic Bay Leaves (protection, banishment, cleansing, success)
  • Smoky Quartz pendulum
  • 3" Labradorite point (magick, psychic protection, grounding, creativity)
  • Black Tourmaline chunk (protection, transmutation, cleansing, grounding)
  • Smoky Quartz heart (protection, grounding, spirit communication, amplifier)
  • Clear Quartz raw point (amplification, programmability, cleansing, healing)
  • Six 4" Chime Candles (one of ea. below)
    • Red (romantic love, sensuality, sexuality, power)
    • Pink (friendship, unconditional love, healing, kindness)
    • White (protection, fresh start, healing, spirit communication, cleansing)
    • Green (prosperity, healing, growth, abundance)
    • Black (protection, grounding, banishing, cleansing)
    • Purple (spirituality, spirit communication, creativity, relaxation)
  • 3" organic Sage Bundle
  • One responsibly sourced Palo Santo Stick

If you'd like to add a different altar scarf, a deck of tarot cards, a journal, or anything else - please email with your request & we'll assemble a custom kit for you!