Sage Centauress

Aragonite Star Clusters

$15.00 $15.00

Shimmering, chunky Aragonite Star Clusters from the 2021 Tucson Gem Show! You will receive the exact piece shown in the photo that corresponds to the selected item in the dropdown.

These uniquely shaped little clusters are great allies for healing and balancing the emotional body, inspiring one to be centered in serenity through trying circumstances. They can also assist with dispelling tensions relating to past emotional wounds. Aragonite is also sometimes used in meditation to explore past lives and forgotten events in this current lifetime. They're also great for homing in on imbalances in one's energy field or within the field of anyone else who holds them, and are excellent diagnostic tools for crystal healers who do body layouts.

These little clusters are perfect for enhancing emotional strength & confidence, allowing one to emanate with love and compassion for others.

Storm Element; All Chakras; Balancing Energy Fields, Emotional Healing, Renewed Strength, and Confidence.