Sage Centauress

Bi-Colored Double Terminated Amethyst Points

$26.00 $26.00

Medium: ~3"+
Small: ~2-3"

*Pictures are to demonstrate typical sizes. Please allow for variation.

Amethyst is loved for its gorgeous, soothing shades of purple & it’s ability to pull you out of your head & back to Earth, and coax you away from anxieties, obsessive thoughts, and addictions.

Known as the “stone of sobriety” this variant of Quartz is often kept close by those who are battling alcoholism and other addictions. It’s name in Greek roughly means “not intoxicate” and was often worn on a necklace to prevent drunkenness.

These double terminated points are perfect for crystal grids, meditation, energy healing, and reiki. Double termination allows for energy to be funneled in opposite directions. Sleep with a one under your pillow to promote a restful night’s sleep. Place one on your third eye while meditating to boost your intuition & receptiveness.

Wind Element, 6th (Third Eye), 7th (Crown ), and 8th (Etheric) Chakras, Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Release of Addictions.