Sage Centauress

Calm Infusion Mist

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Calm Infusion Spray is perfect for smoothing out intense emotions, melting away the feeling of always "being on", and restoring peace and tranquility. Its clean, fresh, soft scent will inspire you to let go and relax. This mist is versatile & can be used to break up discordant energies, after an intense activity, spritzed right before bed to promote sleep, or before meditation or restorative yoga to clear out the mental chatter and center. This is also perfect to use during self care rituals.

All you have to do is shake the bottle & spritz yourself or your surroundings to start to soften harsh & stressful energies. Do not spray pets or animals.

The Calm Infusion Mist is made with pure distilled water and a special blend of essential oils. Each bottle contains charged Amethyst Crystal chips and charged Green Aventurine chips to dissolve anxiety & promote healing.