Amelia Rose

The Final Rose Tarot Deck


The restock is on the way and should be here by 4/15, so this deck is now available to order!

Artfully stylized illustrations and high-quality printing make The Final Rose Tarot a luxe tarot treat. The deck is produced on thick cardstock, printed in a premium matte finish, and embellished with gold foil. Enchanting to behold and velvety to the touch, each hand-drawn card channels a vaporwave aesthetic, washed in rosy hues. The guidebook includes witty descriptions for each card as well as key word associations for thematic interpretation. Packaged in a sturdy, gold-embellished box, the deck and guidebook are easy to take wherever your journey leads you. 


  • The deck itself contains 78 vibrantly colored cards with hand drawn illustrations.
  • The tarot cards are printed on the highest quality, thick card stock and have a luxurious matte finish that feels like velvet.
  • Both sides of the card will be printed with gold foil design.
  • The cards are 2.75 x 4.75 x 1 inches
  • The Box is a sturdy velvety matte finish two-piece rigid box with gold foil embellishments.
  • The guidebook contains 78 witty and thoroughly detailed descriptions of each tarot card as well as key word associations for each one.