Sage Centauress

Creativity Ritual Kit


Raise your vibration, activate your upper chakras, explore your dreams and intuitive insights & connect with your higher self to stimulate creativity and strengthen your own special magick. SC recommends scheduling in at least 10 minutes a day, or as often as you can, to intentionally & consistently engage in your practice to achieve more meaningful results. Side effects may include: enhanced joy, creativity, downloads, upgrades, relaxation, and gratitude.

Each kit contains:

  • One Muse Frankincense Incense Box (30 sticks). Frankincense can be used to raise the vibration in your space & stimulate your third eye and crown chakras.
  • One Concrete Spiral incense holder in Rose from Natural by Hagelsieb.
  • One 4" Selenite skyscraper to cleanse your space and raise the vibration, stimulating the upper chakras.
  • One 3" Labradorite point for psychic protection, creativity, grounding, and magick.
  • A Day Journal from Wilde House Paper, a guided journal to assist with meditation, dream documentation, reflections and interpretations, and gratitude expression, which raises your vibration - making it easier to tap into your creativity.