Sage Centauress

Double Terminated Rainbow Fluorite

$45.00 $45.00

Beautiful, Colorful Double Terminated Rainbow Fluorite Points from China.

Large: ~5"+
Medium: ~4"+
Small: ~3"+

Fluorite brings in the vibration of order, giving form and structure to surrounding energies, ideas, and concepts - enhancing organization which facilitates efficient manifestation. It resonates with the element of wind, and reminds us of the power of thought. This is the perfect stone for clearing away mental clutter and chaos so that you can focus on what is important, which makes it perfect for reading, studying, or working on a complex project.

These pieces are double terminated, allowing one to send energy in opposite directions - perfect for reiki, meditation, crystal healing, and crystal grids.

Wind Element, All Chakras, Mental Enhancement & Clarity, Improved Decision Making, Clearing, Heart and Mind Alignment, Repairing the Energy Fields.