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Garnierite Pebbles

$22.00 $22.00

Stunning, shimmering Garnierite (dubbed Green Moonstone) Pebbles, hand-selected at the 2021 Tucson Gem Show. You will receive the exact piece shown in the image corresponding the the selection in the dropdown menu.

A: 120g 2.75"x1.75"
B: 122g 2.5"x2.0" (has blue flash)
C: 141g 2.75"x1.75"

Garnierite is a type of Feldspar mineral with a heavy presence of Nickel, and the degree of intensity in the minty green color exhibited in each piece indicates the level of Nickel present. This stone is often used to connect with both Cosmic & Earth energies simultaneously, making it a a great stone for any ritual work, as it carries the energy of "as above, so below", but also perfect for astral travel work by keeping you grounded while one explores other facets of the universe.

Garnierite vibrates with the energy of strength, and emotional strength in particular. It also stimulates endurance and the desire for growth and change, and is said to streamline thinking - helping keep thoughts organized and cohesive.

Earth & Wind Elements; 4th (Heart) Chakra; New Beginnings; Relaxation; Knowledge; Strength; Clarity; Spiritual Awakening.