Sage Centauress

Gold Sheen Obsidian Large Palm Stone

$65.00 $65.00

Large Gold Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone - 3.5" x 2" each. Make your selection in the dropdown to see a picture of the exact stone you will receive.

Gold Sheen Obsidian appears black in dim light, but in the presence of strong light, when viewed from the proper angle, a brightly sparkling golden shimmer plays across the stone, sometimes appearing to come from beneath the stone's surface.

This stone attunes one's energy to that of the Sun through its cleansing and activation of the Third Chakra, opening up the flow manifestation.

This variety of Obsidian, along with the others, is good for clearing negative energies and purifying one's auric field. With Gold Sheen Obsidian, this is especially true in regard to the Solar Plexus. When this channel is clear, one's ability to manifest his/her intentions is enhanced. This stone also assists in brining forth one's hidden talents, allowing for expression of those talents.