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Lepidolite Gumballs

$15.00 $15.00

1.5" Lepidolite Spheres - stand included.

Lepidolite is helpful with calming frayed nerves, helping one let go of stress and worries. It is a great friend to have around when life is most challenging, when you're going through a lot of changes, or when you're dealing with angry people. A stone of serenity, it encourages responding to hostility with peaceful action to diffuse the situation. It can help with physical grace and self-consciousness too.

Lepidolite is also known as a stone of spiritual purification, and when used in meditation, it can help clear blocked energies in any of the chakras. These are perfect palm sized spheres and I suggest holding one in each hand and quietly meditating for 15-30 minutes before bed.

Water Element, All Chakras - Especially the 4th (Heart) and 3rd (Third Eye) Chakras, Emotional Healing, Balance, Purification, Serenity, Relaxation, Stress Relief