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Libra Full Moon Water

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Limited Edition Libra Full Moon Water with charged Moonstone & Amethyst Crystal chips, and pure essential oils. This batch has a gorgeous, light, fresh & balanced, slightly floral fragrance with notes of Neroli, Ylang Ylang, Lavender & Frankincense. 

Made on 3/27/21 & charged outdoors in direct moonlight, overnight, during the full Libra moon!

All containers are made of clear, colorless BPA free glass. Each sterilized container contains distilled water, various cleansed & charged crystal chips, and essential oils that align with the energies of that specific moon.

A Full Moon in Libra favors cooperation, social activities, beautification of surroundings, balance, and partnership. The energy of Saturday is associated with Saturn ruler of boundaries/foundations, longevity, banishment, homes, and houses, and Sunday associated with the Sun, ruler of healing, spirituality, success, strength and protection.

This Full Moon Water batch will capture all of these energies in one potent, and magickal solution, perfect for cutting away energy that is weighing you down, starting a fresh path that brings you joy, better self care, beauty rituals, healthier relationships, reinventing yourself & starting a chapter that brings you more balance, especially work/life balance. This is just too perfect for Spring!


Not only is the full moon absolutely stunning & entrancing, it is POWERFUL. Powerful enough to command the tides of the ocean, and influence the moods & behaviors of both humans and animals.

The full moon is a time of reaping what we've sown during the new moon & waxing phase. This is when our intentions reach their full potential and bloom. It is a time for celebration and acknowledgement, which attracts even more abundance. Moon Water captures these potent energies so that they are yours to use during all other moon phases, as desired.

Some Uses of Full Moon Water:

- Use in a spray bottle for cleansing & charging crystals and stones, your altar, and ritual tools, livening up the energy in your space, spritz yourself to refresh your energy and confidence & spritz your plants for a little boost!

- Pour some into a bath to cleanse and recharge yourself.

- Use in rituals to bring in the heightened & powerful energies of the full moon to give your work an extra boost.

- Place it next to your bed, on your desk, in your home, or hold it while you meditate to inspire, amplify intentions, and boost manifestation.


Starting with this batch forward there have been some changes & improvements. Unfortunately Rainbow Moonstone will no longer be used -  it is too soft to be soaking in water & starts to break apart - can't have that! I know it added some gorgeous pizzaz, but it was affecting the overall quality so it sadly had to go :(  I've also procured better quality crystals which will be used going forward. The packaging for the larger sizes has been switched to bottles with much better seals & an overall cleaner look too. In fact, you can just grab a large sprayer and screw it in to the larger bottles to easily create a spray bottle if you'd like to use your Moon Water that way, and you can recycle the bottle and use it for household cleaners or as a plant spritzer.

*This moon water is not intended for human or animal consumption.