Sage Centauress

Love Infusion Mist

$12.00 $12.00

Raise your vibration to the frequency of pure love with just a few sprays of Love Infusion mist. Whether its romantic love, unconditional love, or self love, its light, dreamy scent will set you in the right frame of mind to open your heart, and can inspire both compassion and desire.

This mist is versatile & excellent for a night in of self care, or to help soften a hard heart, or for a night of passion & romance. All you have to do is gently shake the bottle & spritz yourself or your surroundings to instantly raise your vibration.

Do not spray pets or animals. The Love Infusion Mist is made with pure distilled water and a blend of pure essential oils. Rose Quartz Crystal chips and charged Garnet chips are added to each bottle to amplify the energy of pure love.