Sage Centauress

Love Ritual Kit


This thoughtfully curated ritual prep kit provides you with the basics for some gorgeous, high vibe ritual work. Each kit contains:

  • The Final Rose Tarot Deck (Optional +$60)
  • Muse Incense Sticks (30, 6" sticks per box)
    • Ylang Ylang - yellow (sensuality, love, happiness, relaxation)
    • Dragon's Blood - pink (sexuality, sensuality, power amplifier, protection)
  • Sage Centauress Venus Anointing Oil (love, healing, relaxation)
  • Three 4" Chime Candles (one of each)
    • Red (romantic love, sensuality, sexuality, power)
    • Pink (friendship, unconditional love, healing, kindness)
    • White (protection, fresh start, healing, spirit communication, cleansing)
  • Venus Candle (Select Pink or Red)
  • Rose Quartz Pendulum (unconditional love, healing, peace)
  • Raw Pink Tourmaline in Quartz Matrix Large Chunk (unconditional love, amplified love, transmutation, joy, healing)
  • Glass Jar filled with Dried Rose Buds (unconditional love, friendship, romance, healing)

If you'd like to add an altar scarf, a journal, some extra crystals, or anything else - please email with your request & we'll assemble a custom kit for you!