Sage Centauress

Madagascan Hematoid Quartz Palm Stones


Hematoid Quartz is the name given to a variety of clear Quartz that is streaked with red/pink/orange inclusions of Hematite (Iron). Its energy stimulates the entire crystal body matrix and assist the physical body with resonating and vibrating in unity. Achieving this shift is said to enhance intuition, strength of will, healing, a sense of purpose, and an awareness of universal consciousness.

The pictures are all matched to specific pieces in the drop down menu - please select a piece to see its picture. You will receive the exact piece featured in the picture of a specific selection.

All of the available palm stones listed are from Madagascar and were all hand-selected at the Tucson Gem Show in 2022. Some of them feature beautiful rainbows - there are videos of these pieces on SC's Instagram page, and you can always email to request a video of anything.

Fire Element: All Chakras, especially the 1st (Root) Chakra; Expanded Consciousness, Manifestation, Amplification, Healing, Programmability, Transformation, Ascension.