Sage Centauress

Natural Clear Optical Calcite Pieces


These little Clear Calcite cubes are raw/natural and would be a welcome addition to any crystal collection. Each has its own beautiful little rainbows, offering the energies of joy and healing. Calcite is very fragile, with a Mohs hardness of 3. Dings and chips can happen from the slightest bump with these fragile babies, so please bear that in mind.

Available sizes (longest side):
Small: ~0.75-1.25"
Medium: ~1.25-1.75"
Large: ~1.75-2.00"+

*Pictures demonstrate typical sizes. Please allow for variation.

Clear Calcite is similar to Clear Quartz, in that it is programmable & amplifies intentions. With all of its noteworthy, gorgeous rainbows, this stone is perfect for those who wish to work on issues with anger, resentment, arrogance, and negativity. Clear Calcite inspires forgiveness of oneself and others, allowing one to move toward one's highest good. It is also helpful with clear analysis of contradicting thoughts or ideas.

Clear Calcite is double refractive, so objects viewed through it will appear in two places at once.

Fire & Wind Elements; All Chakras; Insight; Clarity; Forgiveness