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Pink Amethyst Hearts

$62.00 $70.00

Super sweet Pink Amethyst Hearts!! Each is approximately 3" x 3".

Pink Amethyst gets its soft blushy color from small hematite inclusions. This stone resonates with the 4th Chakra and opens one up to giving & receiving love and friendship. It gently boosts self esteem and self love, as well, and can assist in emotional healing work.

The calming vibes from this stone inspire relaxation and this would be the perfect piece to keep next to your bed or in a place that brings you comfort. Meditate with this love to let go of negative thoughts about yourself and others & to pull in compassion and understanding.

Wind Element, 4th (Heart), 7th (Crown), and 8th (Etheric) Chakras, Protection, Purification, Divine Connection, Negativity, Unconditional Love.