Sage Centauress

Pink Tourmaline in Quartz Matrix


Pink Tourmaline is at the top of the list when it comes to heart healing gemstones. Add a little Quartz Matrix & that A lister is now magnified & amplified. She will help with some serious heart healing work & clearing of negativity / false beliefs that are holding you back from receiving the love you deserve from yourself and others. It is a calming force for those working through a challenging situation & may help calm charged emotions.

Water Element, Heart Chakra (4th), Self Love, Emotional Healing, Removing Emotional Blocks & Negativity, Calming & Relaxing in Volatile Situations.

Extra Small: 1.0"-2.0" X 0.5"-1.0"
Small: 1.0"-2.0" X 1.0"-2.0"
Medium: 2.1"-2.5" X 1.0"-1.5"
Large: 2.1"-2.5" X 2.1"-2.5"