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Rainbow Fluorite Crystal Soap - Ethereal

$13.00 $16.00

Each one of these beautifully scented soaps includes a beautiful, genuine crystal inside. Each bar is completely clear, made with a vegan glycerin base so the crystal is visible, and is packaged within an eco-friendly exfoliating mitt.

This soap features a Rainbow Fluorite crystal, as well as a warm "Ethereal" scent (see below for description).

These pieces make for gorgeous, unique gifts.

Please note: the creator does not use shrink wrap, instead they use biodegradable sisal bags which double as exfoliating mitts, to help eliminate plastic use - because of this, soap may appear cloudy until first use and will turn clear under water.

CRYSTAL DESCRIPTION: Rainbow Fluorite is the perfect stone for cleansing your aura, clearing mental clutter, and getting in touch with spiritual energy.

SCENT DESCRIPTION: A mix of cedar and vanilla blend together to make a warm scent.