Private Zoom Tarot Lessons & Coaching

Private Zoom Tarot Lessons & Coaching

Sage Centauress
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Enjoy one-on-one tarot immersion over Zoom with Lauren (founder of Sage Centauress), who has been reading for clients across the country for 10+ years. To learn more about her background, please visit the About section.  This is perfect for those who are new to tarot, or who are looking to brush up on a few things.

These sessions are intended to be relaxed, fun, and informative. The format will generally be 30% lecture and 70% discussion and experiential learning. All sessions are a judgment-free zone, which is critical for facilitating open & healthy exploration of intuition.

General topics that can be covered are below, but if you'd like to include something not on the list - please ask! All topics can typically be covered in about 4 one-hour sessions. If this is your first time booking, please select the 15-minute free consultation option to schedule a time to discuss what you'd like to accomplish & to build the perfect plan for your needs and desires. Someone will reach out within 24-hours to schedule a call. There is no obligation to move forward.
  • Major Arcana (archetypes, numbers, energies)
  • Minor Arcana (elements, numbers, energies)
  • Court Cards (elements, energies, personalities)
  • Various uses & predictive methods (time, amount, who, finding lost objects)
  • Types of readings (general, love, career/finance, health)
  • Different kinds of spreads & designing your own spreads
  • Methods for connecting intuitively
  • Grounding and cleansing your energy, space & tools before, during & after practice
  • How to read for others
  • Incorporating crystals & a pendulum

*Having a deck is strongly recommended. If you're brand new to tarot, you may want to start with the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot deck (you can easily find it on Amazon) or the Wayhome Tarot Deck, which you can purchase here. Lauren will use various decks throughout each session to enhance intuitive exploration.

**Refunds will only be given for sessions not yet completed.