Sage Centauress

Raw Elestial Quartz Pieces


Small Elestial Quartz pieces, hand selected at the Tucson Gem Show in 2022. Each piece features beautiful natural rainbows.

The pictures are all matched to specific pieces in the drop down menu - please select a piece to see its picture. You will receive the exact piece featured in the picture of the specific selection.

Elestial Quartz (aka Skeletal Quartz) is the name given to Quartz crystals of a certain formation, with natural terminations all over the faces and body of a layered or etched crystal. Most formations are of the smoky varieties. They're one of the most powerful means by which the energy patterns, information and love from the beings of higher planes can be translated to human beings engaged in physical life on Earth. They're known as the crystalline 'switchboards' linking multiple dimensions, times and levels of consciousness to one another. It's like having a radio attuned to angelic frequencies and the higher self. Smoky Elestials are the most grounding variety and also offer protection from negativity.

Earth Element: All Chakras, Energy Infusion from the Higher Realms, Divine Love, Angelic Communication, Grounding of the Higher Self in Earthly Life.