Sage Centauress

Raw Epidote Clusters

$4.00 $15.00

The energy of Epidote powerfully attracts abundance & increase that's in line with one’s highest good. If your intentions are to attract love & positivity, it will magnify them. Similarly, if your mind is constantly clouded with negativity, it will swiftly amplify it to a breaking point when the universe simply puts you in a situation that forces you to course-correct back toward your highest good (vibes of The Tower tarot card).

The energies of this stone will be strongly dialed in to whatever you’re putting out, but regardless, the bottom line is that they will help you move toward your highest good at a faster pace. Perfect for those looking to make massive changes and those who have to do some heavy lifting in their personal healing work.

Earth & Water Elements, All Chakras, especially the 4th (Heart), Breakthroughs, Release, Attraction, Growth.