Sage Centauress

Reconnect: Meditation & Journaling Kit


Reconnect with your higher self & align with your highest good. The items in this thoughtfully curated kit were intentionally selected to provide a simple, yet luxurious way to relax check in whenever and however you can.

The kit contains:

  • One Muse Ylang Ylang Incense Box (30 sticks). Light one stick per relaxation session to cleanse your space and invite in love, healing, tranquility and joy.
  • A small Rainbow Fluorite palm stone, an energy cleanser that promotes balance and flow.
  • A Lavender & Flax weighted eye pillow in cream (one side silk, one side soft wool). Place this over the eyes as you lie back to catch your breath, and be soothed by the healing and relaxing scent of Lavender on each inhale.
  • A Rituals + Wellness journal to set your intentions, process thoughts from the day and to clear your mind, make connections, and track healing and growth.