Sage Centauress

Rhodonite Pebbles

$26.00 $26.00

Beautiful, hand-selected, large Rhodonite Pebbles from the 2021 Tucson Gem Show. You will receive the exact piece in the picture that corresponds with the selected item in the dropdown menu.

B: 225g 2.5"x2.0"

These babe vibrates with a special kind of love, one that is grounded & directed out into the world to feed others through generosity, help, patience, kindness, understanding & empathy. High Aquarius/11th house selfless/connection vibes of using your own talents to help others and serve the greater good. Very humanitarian.

Fire & Earth Elements, 1st (Root), 4th (Heart) Chakras, Discovering & Developing Hidden Talents, Compassion, Love, Altruism, Generosity.