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Rose Quartz Palm Stones

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Rose Quartz, has a calming, loving, and gentle presence, as it is the quintessential stone of love. It radiates unconditional love, and is the perfect stone to have in every room of your home. Resonating with the element of Water and connected to the Heart Chakra, Rose Quartz provides a soothing, healing energy that allows you to work through and heal traumatic issues stored in your heart center at a loving, gentle pace. Working with this stone will inspire you to open your heart & believe in the power of love.

Sleep with a Rose Quartz tumble under your pillow to stimulate healing & restoration while you sleep, or meditate with one on your Heart Chakra to focus on processing past hurts and restoring your ability to love again.

Each Rose Quartz Palm Stone is approximately 3"x2".

Water Element, 4th (Heart) Chakra, Love, Gentleness, Emotional Healing.