Sage Centauress

Rutilated Quartz Points

$68.00 $68.00

Gorgeous, hand-picked Quartz points filled with stunning golden Rutile inclusions. Each selection in the dropdown menu is linked to a picture of the specific piece associated with the code and pricing.

Rutilated Quartz is a combination of Clear and Smoky Quartz, with inclusions of Rutile - forming a synergistic combination of energies. The Rutile provides attunement, amplification, and acceleration and the Smoky Quartz adds grounding & strengthening energy, with Clear Quartz multiplying those energies. These babes just buzz with energy, almost feeling electrified. The smokier pieces are less heady and intense than the clearer pieces.

Rutilated Quartz is helpful when attuning to the vibrations of someone or something - it helps with discerning between good and bad vibes. It also quickens the process of manifestation, psychic opening, and consciousness expansion.

Storm Element; All Chakras; Programmable for Attunement, Amplification, Acceleration, Expanding Awareness, Quickening, Quickening and Grounding Manifestation