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Selenite Harmonizers - Set of Two

$24.00 $24.00

Selenite Harmonizers are a game changer in any energy cleansing/maintenance/healing routine. By holding one in each hand, you create a “pillar of light” around you, filled with Selenite’s intense, high, healing vibration.

I love to sit quietly on the floor with my set for 5-10 minutes when I’m feeling a little worn down, or first thing in the morning on weekends to start my day. For many they bring in feelings of grounding, healing, and calm relaxation.

Sold as a set of two, with each piece measuring approximately 4” by 1.6”.

**Do not get Selenite wet & keep it away from pets and children. It has a hardness level of 2 to 2.5, making it very fragile & water soluble, and it will disintegrate if it gets wet. Also, tiny, sharp shards & splinters can break off even when dry, so please handle with care.**

Selenite (Wind Element, 3rd (Third Eye) Chakra, 7th (Crown) Chakra, Transpersonal & Etheric Chakras (8th - 14th, Above the Head): According to Robert Simmons, Selenite is believed to quickly open and activate the upper chakras, and the intensity of energy said to be delivered by Selenite is greater than almost any other stone for the upper chakras. Selenite is said to quickly and effectively cleanse the auric field, and is believed to clear congested and negative energies from one’s physical and etheric body. Selenite is an excellent stone for building crystal grids in one’s home or outdoors.