Sage Centauress

Small Rhodochrosite Towers

$53.00 $53.00

Stunning Rhodochrosite Towers ranging from 1.75" - 2.25", hand-selected at the 2021 Tucson Gem Show. You will receive the exact piece shown in the photo for each piece in the dropdown menu.

A: 38g
B: 45g
C: 48g
E: 50g

Rhodochrosite is the quintessential stone of self-love and emotional healing. It is a manganese carbonate, giving it its pink color, with a hardness of 3.5 to 4.0, making it much softer and more delicate than Quartz. This stone can be very helpful in working toward recovering, reliving, and releasing the memories of one's emotional wounds, and is a great piece to have when working on past-life trauma.

Fire & Water Elements; 3rd (Solar Plexus) and 4th (Heart) Chakras; Emotional Healing, Recovery of Lost Memories and Forgotten Gifts, Self-Love, Compassion.