Sage Centauress

Small Smoky Quartz Points

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Dark Little Smoky Quartz points varying from 1.75-2.25". Smoky Quartz is one of the premier grounding stones, and it can help even the spaciest individuals come back to Earth. When one is working with the higher realms, activating the upper chakras, smoky can help bring your energy back down into the physical world. It inspires practicality and organization, and is a good stone to have near buy when doing administrative tasks or balancing a budget.

This stone also has a unique way of drawing the ethereal into manifestation, so it's a great stone for mediums or those engaging in spirit communication. It also absorbs and transmutes almost unlimited amounts of negative energy by grounding it to the Earth where it can be neutralized.

Earth Element: 1st (Root) Chakra, Grounding, Transmutation of Negative Energy, Practicality, Organization, Manifestation of One's Dreams into Reality.