Dark Moon Crystals

Starlight Frequencies Oracle Deck


This beautifully illustrated 44-card oracle deck invites us to expand our consciousness with meaningful, intuition provoking prompts and imagery. Excellent for use in daily meditation and journaling. It has a wonderful satin finish, gorgeous iridescent foil edges and accents, a smooth hand-feel, and comes with an insightful guidebook.

From the Creator:
This time is powerful. The veil between fear and the truth is thin and you are being called to be the seeker. You are being called to cut through this veil and illuminate your light upon the shadows. You are in a state of soul remembrance and in this state you hold the keys to unlock the doors of your past lives, your current life and your future realities. You are an important part of bringing the New Earth to all those who yet not know all its possibilities.

Creator: Dark Moon Crystals

44 Card Deck with Guidebook * Holographic Rainbow Foil + Gilding  * Magnetic Flip Box