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Vivify - Mediation & Journaling Kit

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Vivify is a thoughtfully curated set designed to create space for deep relaxation & development of your¬†intuitionūüíú. ¬†Includes a 30 minute phone session with Lauren to discuss grounding & psychic meditation methods, if desired. Also included:¬†one 1oz High Priestess Intuition Oil, one 2oz Calm Infusion Mist, one Amethyst Crystal tumble, one ElizabethW Weighted Eye Pillow (lavender & flax) of your choice, and one blank You Are Magic journal of your choice from Golden Gems.


First calm, relax, center, and ground with a little Calm Infusion and several deep breaths. Once your mind is in a relaxed state anoint your pulse points, or the tip of your nose with a bit of High Priestess Oil. Take a few more deep breaths lie back in a comfortable place with your eye pillow, place the Amethyst Crystal on your forehead or hold it in your hand. Connect, ground & meditate for 15-30 minutes.

You can sit quietly and let information come up or you can use visualization techniques to focus on what you’d like to release & bring in.

When your meditation practice is complete, slowly come back to your body and spend at least 15-30 minutes journaling about how you feel, what came up, what you worked through, etc. 

It is recommended to practice this work 1-3x per week.

Results will vary based on where you are in your development & your dedication to practice. Over time you may begin to realize the benefits of deep relaxation, healing & an enhanced intuition.

High Priestess is a fully loaded, potent intuition oil that can be used to anoint candles, crystals & ritual items. It can also be carried around or lightly worn to promote relaxation, and stimulate creativity & intuition. This special oil contains pure jojoba oil, and several botanicals, seeds, spices and essential oils that correspond with intuition & psychic stimulation, like calendula, sweet violets, hibiscus, lemongrass, myrrh, frankincense, lavender, amaranth, and more.

Each 1 fluid oz bottle is made with strong, focused intention. Its scent is clean & tranquil. Just a couple drops is all you should need for each use. Please be careful to avoid your eyes, do not use on pets or animals & do not consume it.


Calm Infusion Spray is perfect for smoothing out intense emotions, melting away the feeling of always "being on", and restoring peace and tranquility. Its clean, fresh, soft scent will inspire you to let go and relax. This mist is versatile & can be used to break up discordant energies, after an intense activity, spritzed right before bed to promote sleep, or before meditation or restorative yoga to clear out the mental chatter and center. This is also perfect to use during self care rituals.

All you have to do is shake the bottle & spritz yourself or your surroundings to instantly melt away harsh & stressful energies. Do not spray pets or animals.

The Calm Infusion Mist is made with pure distilled water, a special blend of essential oils. Each bottle contains charged Amethyst Crystal chips and charged Green Aventurine chips to dissolve anxiety & promote healing.