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Wulfenite Specimens - Mexico


Mexican Wulfenite specimens, hand selected at the Tucson Gem Show in 2022.

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Beautiful & toxic, Wulfenite is found in the upper oxidized portions of lead deposits, and is actually a lead molybdenum oxide mineral. This fire crystal is highly attuned to Earth, and is an excellent aid in grounding and grounding meditation, allowing one to connect with the core of the planet and to vibrate in tandem with her heartbeat. Being a lead-based crystal, it also aids in alchemical work related to personal development. In this work, we strive to transmute lead into 'gold', taking parts of ourselves that need attention and transforming them into radiant strengths and sources of personal power that align with the higher, divine self.

A powerful stimulator of the Solar Plexus, Wulfenite awakens identity, power and will. It helps one get to know oneself at a much deeper level, forming a solid connection with wants, needs, and one's highest good. Also a stimulant for the Sacral, meditation with Wulfenite can also awaken sexual energies, physical creativity, and new adventures in love.

Fire Element: 2nd (Sacral), 3rd (Solar Plexus), Creativity, Manifestation, Determination, Sexuality, and Alchemy.