The sole puropse of Sage Centauress is to be a safe space that provides you with anything you may need to further your own unique personal exploration of the mysterious, esoteric and endlessly fascinating facets of existence. Within, you will find a range of solutions and tools to inspire you, help you stay grounded, heal, set your intentions, refocus and manifest all you desire to create. I personally welcome you & invite you in to my magical space, where you are free to be yourself, ask questions without fear of judgment, and to be forever inspired.

With unconditional love,

Lauren Barnard, Founder



Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm a Sagittarius (Centauress), just in case you were wondering ;) Thank you for taking the time to check out my shop. You know...you stumbled upon me for a reason...it is my personal belief that life is full of teachers, signs, freeways, and walls which constantly evolve and change based on your own energy and growth. Perhaps we have some work to do together at this time.

​Born with moon in Cancer (12th House), all my life I have been intuitive - an empath & healer, drawn to the mysterious, mystical, and unknown. I have always been deeply interested in spirituality and finding ways to connect with my own spirit, and the other side. I am also obsessed with physics (relativity, quantum mechanics, and string theory) and mathematics.

When I was young, my mother taught me to read tarot cards, and I spent many years learning astrology in-depth, and learning to read with a pendulum. I have also been professionally trained in psychic meditation and energy healing, which helps me stay grounded during my readings and rituals, allows me to sense foreign/ contaminating energies, and enables me to maintain a clean aura and space. Over the years, I have become very strong in ritual work and in the many forms of divination that I have been drawn to, especially tarot, astrology, and pendulum readings.

My friends often refer to me as their therapist. People often tell me I have a relaxing presence. Random strangers often ask me for directions on the street and sometimes confide their deepest, darkest secrets in me - unsolicited - which can sometimes catch me off guard! I have come to understand that my unique ability to create space for others to be themselves, suspend judgment and read a situation and its energy for what it is, attracts those looking for assistance & understanding to my doorstep. It has also allowed me to help redirect the course for many to a more positive direction. My gifts allow others to see options, to see their own path more clearly, to make grounded decisions and to change their lives for the better. My intentions and energy are always guided by positive white light, unconditional love, and peace. 

I have provided many readings and created custom rituals for individuals in person locally and across the country, some of them now long-term clients. I have been practicing regularly for the last ten years, and studied intensely for the five years prior to practice, and I feel comfortable now offering my gifts to the general public.

I look forward to helping you sort through any questions you may have about anything, to help you clear away blocks that are obscuring your inner light so that you may see your own path more clearly, and gain certainty regarding your own next steps. All readings are 100% private & confidential.

I look forward to working with you!

For the good of all and harm to none.