Tarot Readings with Lauren

Now booking at Chiron's Alchemy

15 Minute Reading $30     Schedule Appointment
30 Minute Reading $50     Schedule Appointment
60 Minute Reading $90     Schedule Appointment

Learn more about Lauren (founder of Sage Centauress + Chiron's Alchemy) HERE

Also available, weekly free pick-a-pile tarot readings by Lauren on YouTube! Some recent videos are posted below, or click here to visit the Sage Centauress YouTube Channel!

Gain certainty, insights and clarity via a remote tarot reading over Zoom. If you'd prefer not to schedule an appointment and receive recorded audio of your reading instead, please contact CA to book. Pricing is the same for all readings, whether conducted on Zoom or pre-recorded. All pre-recorded readings are sent through DropBox due to the file size.

Each reading includes at least one 10 card spread. You may request a general reading (counts as one question) with follow up questions later, or just go right in with your specific questions! 

15 mins |  $30 (~1-2 Questions)
30 mins |  $50 (~2-3 Questions)
60 mins |  $90 (~4-6 Questions)

*Packages and live in-person & remote events are available at discounted pricing, please contact CA to inquire.

Chiron's Alchemy, sister to Sage Centauress, is my new venture that streamlines all my vibe raising service offerings below into one place, making it super easy to book & manage appointments!

What does Chiron's Alchemy offer?
- Intuitive Coaching
- Guided Meditations
- Readings & Healing (including tarot readings!)
- Intuition Development
- Tarot & Astrology Classes Coming Soon!

All offerings are remote, so no need to live near LA 🙌